How it Works

GHOST Alarm allows you to track and receive alerts from your vehicle instantly using any cell phone! It is a text messaging based system. Any cell phone with text messaging capabilities can communicate with the alarm (no modifications extra hardware are needed on any cell phone).

GHOST Alarm is equipped with an onboard GPS module and gyroscope which interfaces to your cell phone by GSM technology. This gives you the ability to receive alerts and track your vehicle real time.

Command List:

Below are the actions and features that are available by texting the following commands to your GHOST Alarm system.

GPS – By texting this command you will receive a Google maps link which will display the exact location of your vehicle within 10 feet radius.

ARM – By texting this command the alarm will activate and send your phone a text message when movement is detected. The message also contains a link which opens Google maps for the exact location.

Disarm – By texting this command the alarm will deactivate and not send any movement alerts. You can still get GPS location by using GPS command at any time.

Help – By texting this command you will receive a message containing a list of available commands. Texting anything that isn’t a command will also give you this list.

Reset – In the unlikely event that the device needs to be restarted, this command will do so. Linking the cell phone again is not necessary with this command.

How to Send SMS from phone and Exact location is shown