Ghost Alarm Comparison

  Ghost Alarm Other Alarm Systems
Cost with GPS and GSM system $149 for one unit and discount with multiple units. We will match the price if you tell us any device in the world with same feature set and made in USA with Quality. Over $400 and extra accessories needed
Installation Self or easy Mechanic. Just two wires Mechanic needed over $100 Installation charges
Use Easy to use Complicated with so many devices
Control key Your Smart phone Separate key/Smart phone
Monthly plans No Plan you control your plans
First month free
Contracts and Monthly/Yearly charges
Warranty 1 Year warrantee and 30 days money back guarantee Limited Warrantee and no money back guarantee.
Customer Service Seven Days a week from 7 AM to
10 PM
Always via dealer which cost more money
Distance Connect your vehicle from Anywhere in the World 1KM or limited distance
Size of Device Smaller device in the Market.
Get money back if we are not the smallest. Easy to hide anywhere.
Not even comparable
Same device with multiple vehicles Possible because of easy/ plug and play installation Not possible
App No App just uses native SMS Separate App
Antenna Blade antenna with wire easy to hide and move any where Fix Antenna